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There are few home elements that add as much natural beauty and long-term reliability as do solid hardwood floors. Stained to the right color, wood flooring can also add warmth, charm and class to most home interiors in the most alluring ways. Under the right conditions, wood floors have been known to last for a century allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of hardwood flooring for the entire length of their residence. However, this type of longevity is not without sacrifice.

In order to keep your wood floors looking their best while standing up to wear and tear, proper maintenance is necessary. Regular cleaning does its part to keep the luster but most home owners find that occasional refinishing is all that will restore the look that is desired. It is at this time that homeowners ask how much they will have to spend. Though the cost certainly depends on a variety of factors, including the type of wood species, the level of wear and tear, the need for replacing planks or additional repairs, stairs or other elements, most cost differentiation comes from the floor companies themselves. That being said, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2.00 to approximately $5.00 a square foot on the average. At the higher range of $4.00 per square foot, this amount equates to $1200 for 300 sq. feet.

Because the cost is really very subjective based on your particular needs, it is best to get a free, in-home estimate by your Top-Rated Local® floor refinishing company in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas Hardwood Flooring. Call our team at 214-817-0402 today.

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