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When you are deciding to install and adorn your home with a new hardwood floor, you may not realize it, but the color is just as important as texture. When picking a flooring color, you need to make sure it matches the look of your home and is what you have always envisioned. If you are unsure what might look good with your aesthetic, call Texas Hardwood Flooring. Our flooring team makes sure your hardwood floor will match your style, and more importantly, your lifestyle. We specialize in all types of hardwood floors, and can even complete custom jobs in the Dallas area.42

Learn how to choose the color of your flooring for your Dallas Home


Since you have decided what room you are going to place your new hardwood flooring within, it is important, to now think about how big that space really is. There are many factors you want to pay attention to, such as ceiling height, the way walls are painted, and any furniture that is already in the space. You want to pick a hardwood floor color that will compliment your design and enhance its effects.
If you have a smaller space, you should avoid a dark floor because it may make the room appear smaller than it actually is. Instead, consider using a lighter flooring color to make the space appear larger and have more light to it.


What tone do you want the room to give off? Are you wanting a more bright and airy look, one that will evoke happiness and peace? Or do you want a more dramatic effect with almost a dark and sultry feel? These are important things to pay attention to when picking your flooring. Darker floors can give a room a more formal feel or may also make a space feel warmer, depending on the lighting and decor used.


If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you have noticed there is a strong trend with the importance in figuring out exactly how your floor is going to hold up in your household. If you are very active, like to entertain, and have animals, a matte finish floor is going to be the one you should choose; we often recommend picking a darker wood that has a more distressed look, especially in Dallas-area homes.. The darker wood combined with the matte finish will be able to hide scratches and blemishes better than a lighter, high-shine floor could.


When deciding on your hardwood floor, you want to bring some depth into the room, and not have it be all one tone. When you make everything a single tone or hue, the room blends together and becomes washed out. The floor you choose can add depth and personality, so make sure it’s different than the furniture and the paint you have on the walls. Having darker colored walls with a lighter floor usually highlights the color of the paint and makes the space appear larger; when reversed, the room feels homey and cozy.


Dallas homes can be designed with many different design aesthetics, make sure your floor reflects your style. For instance, if you desire a more modern look to your home, consider a dark floor with black tones, as it will look very nice against the clean lines and minimalist decor. If you prefer a more natural look, go for a hardwood floor that doesn’t have any staining so you can showcase more of the wood.

When choosing your Dallas flooring, make sure you take into consideration the color, since it will affect the entire space. Please call us at Texas Hardwood Flooring for all your hardwood flooring questions and needs!

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