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When deciding to install a hardwood floor, there is much to consider: What type of lifestyle do you have, where is your home, what room is the floor going on, and what type of subfloor is underneath? These are all important questions to be answered when thinking about installing a hardwood floor.
Texas Hardwood Flooring in Dallas is your resource for anything and all things flooring. With exceptional installation skills and hardwood floor knowledge, they can answer all your questions you have about what type of floor you need, and how well it will work in the space you intend it.

Here are some tips from your Dallas flooring experts:

Where Do You Want Your Hardwood Floor?

Whether you want it on a second story or the first floor, this is important to pay attention to. There are different grades depending on what level you put your Dallas flooring on.
-Below grade is usually where the basement would fall.
-On grade is a floor that is level with the outside.
-Above grade is above the on grade, used for any levels above ground.
Where you decide to install the hardwood flooring may limit your options. Installing hardwood flooring in the basement can be dangerous because of the moisture that collects, and it could damage the floor.

What Type of Foundation is There?

When we say foundation, we mean subfloor. There are a few common types of subfloors, such as concrete, plywood, and particleboard. You want to figure out which subfloor you have because this will determine what type of hardwood floor will work best in this part of your home. When it comes to a concrete subfloor, your only option is to use an engineered hardwood floor. You can possibly install plywood over the concrete, but this is an added cost and takes more time. Our engineered hardwood floors give the look of the natural wood flooring, so we suggest going this route instead of incurring more cost and work. When it comes to particleboard, you will need to replace this with plywood to have hardwood or engineered hardwood floors.

What are your Living Habits in Dallas?

Are you pretty tough on your floors? Do you have animals that tend to scratch up the floor with their nails? Do you like to entertain often, and big groups at that? These are all things to consider when deciding on your Dallas flooring. If you are harder on your floor, you’ll want to go with a harder hardwood. Red Oak is a nice compromise because it’s harder than most, but still, cost effective. If you don’t have pets, kids, or large groups coming over often, you can essentially pick whatever hardwood flooring you want, even if it is on the softer side.

What’s your style?

The style you have chosen for your home can impact the floor very much. If you like a more modern-style home, you don’t want to choose a cherry or hickory floor. When you are choosing the style of wood for your Dallas flooring, consider the trimming, door casings, cabinets, and whatever else might impact the design. You don’t want your Dallas flooring to clash with the design you have already implemented in your home. If you like a more modern style, maple has a sleek look and is a good compliment to the modern aesthetic. Have fun with it, and remember it’s your space, so do what you want with it.
When deciding on your Dallas flooring ,there is a lot to consider. Remember these important elements of your flooring and give Texas Hardwood Flooring a call to help you pick out and install your new hardwood flooring.

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