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According to the ASPCA, we Americans are big fans of our pets. We live with somewhere between 70-80 million dogs, and around 74-96 million cats. About 37%-47% of households have a dog, and about 30%-37% have a cat. Where it can get interesting is balancing the needs of your pet with home improvement, particularly flooring choices.

Unless you have a fish or a bird, inevitably your pets will come in contact with the floor. As hardwood floor installers, this is a question we see our clients grapple with often. That’s why we’ve put together some pros and cons of flooring options.

  • Hardwood flooring has been wildly popular for a while now, but it doesn’t always mesh well with pets. First, depending on the type of wood, long nails can cause scratches. Also, if your pet has an accident, a urine stain can stain the wood and create dull spots. But if you clip your pet’s nails and lay down mats, you should be fine.
  • Laminate flooring can be a good choice. It’s a very hard material, and it resists scratches very well. Since it’s so hard, it’s not very comfortable for your pet to stretch out on, so you may need to invest in rugs or some strategically placed mats.
  • We hate to say it, but if you’re looking for an option that will look good for years and stand up to pets, carpeting is a horrible choice. Cats love to use it as a makeshift scratching post, and carpeting with circles can catch on the nails of dogs and wear faster. It absorbs stains and odors, and it can be very difficult to get them completely out.
  • Tile and stone is virtually impossible for pets to damage, but by its very nature, it’s highly uncomfortable for them to lie down.

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