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Welcome back to our flooring installation blog. Though choosing flooring materials can be an exciting renovation to make to your Plano home, it can also be somewhat overwhelming as you delve into it. Texas Hardwood Flooring is here to offer guidance in picking the floor materials for each of your rooms depending on several different factors. In our last blog, we mentioned how to adapt to the moisture and durability you’ll need for your flooring and what loopholes to avoid so that you can keep the integrity of your flooring intact. In this blog, we’ll continue listing our steps to having a successful flooring project with unmatched longevity and a stunning result.

The Durability Concern

If you determined from our last blog that you’ll be in need of more durable flooring, there are several options that you can pursue. Tiles tend to be more durable in every sense, spare the grout. But if you’re not interested in ceramic or porcelain as an option, you can totally pursue the look and feel of natural wood flooring through its more durable countertops laminate or luxury plank flooring. If durability is not your major concern with your flooring, you can look past that requirement and make your decision a little easier to make.

Your Square Footage

If you have a low budget for your flooring, you probably won’t be able to look into things like natural stone tiles and exotic hardwoods. Laminate flooring that sits in the $2 per square foot range will generally be a suitable substitute, but it won’t be anywhere near your expectations of natural wood flooring. If you’re looking for porcelain or vinyl flooring, you could probably find them in this price range as well. However, if you’re worried about cost, tiles are a labor-intensive process and will cost more on the flooring installation side of things than their counterparts. However, if you have a much broader range of a budget, ranging from $2 to $5 you’ll have many more options in your arsenal and your space will feel much more personalized. You can definitely invest in both hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring if you’re interested in that. This will also include luxury vinyl hardwood flooring if you’re interested in moisture resistance and durability as well.

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If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed while trying to pick out a flooring option, turn to us. We’ve assisted the entire Plano region and beyond with flooring options and choosing the right option for them. Our flooring installation services are comprehensive and reasonably priced. Be sure to watch our blog for updates on the material choosing process.

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