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How to Hire for Hardwood Flooring Installation – Part 2

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If you’ve heeded our warning about the dangers of DIY-ing everything, including projects that are supposed to add value to your home, then you’ve probably been considering investing in hardwood flooring installation from an artisan company. Skilled labor is always the key to a product you’ll love. There are many complexities to installing wood flooring correctly. This is especially true if you purchase from a line of wood manufacturers that specialize in reclaimed hardwood that might already be more finicky to install than your average engineered hardwood flooring is. As a highly experienced hardwood flooring installation company, we’re intimately familiar with how good a floor can look as well as how bad one can be. Trust us when we say that going through the right process with a hardwood flooring installation company is well worth the time and money for a superior product.

Hardwood Installers Price Estimation

Sometimes, a price estimator will sit down with you after the size estimation process that we talked about in our previous blog and crunch the numbers with you right there. Other times, the estimator might go back to their shop, evaluate what your wood needs are and then get back to you with an estimate. For example, if you have dogs you might want a higher strength wood to resist scratches and avoid sanding and refinishing costs later on down the road. When you receive a cost estimate it’s best to go into the deal with your eyes wide open.

Questions to Ask Your Hardwood Installation Crew

Inquire as to what the process is. Like, will they shift the furniture for you or should you handle that in preparation for their arrival? Be sure to note that moving the furniture yourself ensures the condition of the furniture. Ask if the hardwood installers will cut the wood outside or inside. If they’re cutting inside you’ll have to prepare for a large amount of debris to be in the air. Ask if the installers will seal off the rooms with plastic if they’ll be cutting inside, rather than outside. Most importantly, you’ll want to be kept in the loop in regard to how the installers intend to handle baseboards. Ask questions including: will the installation crew cut underneath the existing baseboards to fit the hardwood underneath the baseboards? Will the installers remove the baseboards and the re-install them once the flooring is in place? Understanding how the installers intend to handle your baseboards is a crucial part of identifying if the hardwood installers you’re interviewing are interested in providing a quality flooring experience. Texas Hardwood Flooring uninstalls your baseboards and then re-installs them for optimal aesthetic preservation.

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