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If you’re getting ready to try to DIY your own hardwood flooring, we recommend you reconsider. Not simply because we’d rather install that hardwood flooring for you, but because we really want you to feel the advantage of installing your hardwood flooring properly. While there are a litany of convincing reasons to invest in hardwood flooring, ranging from increased aesthetic appeal to actual improvement in quality of life and increased value of your home, those things tend to be canceled out if the job is botched. The thing about wood is it’s much like paper in the sense that if you mess it up once, there’s no board stretch to remove the mistake with. You’ll have to throw that piece away, so besides ensuring a pretty subpar result, DIYing will also make you spend more money than you need to. Leave it to the professionals to guide you through the buying process and producing a truly beautiful result.

Navigating Delivery

If the hardwood installers you’ve invested in are worth their salt, they’ll deliver your wood flooring ahead of time and ensure that it acclimates to the environment of the home. Wood is, at best, finicky and at worst completely unpredictable in an almost disastrous fashion. This phase of the installation process should occur around three to four days before the installation happens. Be sure to set aside enough area in the room for the hardwood installers to place the packages containing your wood. The wood will then be able to reach a state of equilibrium and moisture balance within your home. It should be noted that since your home resides in Fort Worth or the surrounding area, if we’re going through a dry spell, Texas Hardwood Flooring recommends allowing the wood to acclimate in the home longer than we would if the weather was a touch more on the moist side. Before and during installation, ensure that the temperature stays between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the optimal time and environment to let the wood adapt. Try to keep the humidity solidly around 30 to 50 percent during the acclimation period as well.  

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When you’re ready to invest in high-quality hardwood flooring installation contact us. Our installation process is tailored specifically to your area and your needs to achieve the proper aesthetic alongside the desired functionality and longevity of the wood flooring. We pride ourselves on our long list of happy customers. Check out our testimonials and product gallery to get a feel for what installation options are open to your Fort Worth home.

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