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DIY-ing is taking the world by storm and it’s not necessarily for the better. While DIY-ing a cake for your kid’s birthday party is one thing, wasting thousands of dollars on home improvements just to botch it because of inexperience and a non-detailed guide is another thing entirely. If you’re in doubt that most times DIY projects don’t work out too well, take a jaunt through your local flea market and catch a glimpse of the many DIY project furniture that bored people tried to make and failed. Your expectations about the whole DIY trend should get a shot of reality. That being said, while some projects at home are totally fine to DIY, like putting down mulch in your backyard, something as precise as artisan hardwood flooring installation requires skilled hands for the work. How do you find the best hardwood installers near you? In short, research.

Why Invest in Hardwood Installers?

If you’re doubtful that professionals can install your wood flooring better than you can, then you can at least admit that they have the access to the specialized tools that you’d most likely have to rent. That can start to be an exorbitant number if you don’t invest in prefinished hardwood flooring before getting started as the wood finishing process is a whole other animal that won’t have many comprehensive online resources to guide your hand in the task. It’s best just to hire a real hardwood flooring installation expert.

The Hardwood Installation Process

The hardwood installation process has four distinct phases: size estimate, price estimate, delivery and acclimation, and finally, installation.  The size estimate will, potentially, be the most tedious portion of the installation process, but certainly not the longest portion. Once you reach out to a quality hardwood installer company, you should take a size estimate of the area you want outfitted with hardwood flooring in square feet units. Once you have an estimate of your own, you’ll be prepared when the estimator from the installation company comes. They’ll use a rolling wheel type of measuring device and they’ll produce a similar square footage estimate to the one you took. They’ll round the square footage up to account for wood waste and other issues that could come along, which shouldn’t make a huge price difference. There should only be a 10% overage on their estimate over the actual estimate, though.

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