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Hardwood flooring is such a classic and beautiful addition to any home that many homeowners decide they would like to add hardwood flooring in more rooms of their home even when they already have hardwood flooring installed. If you have your hardwood flooring installed by Texas Hardwood Flooring, we should be able to match your existing hardwood with no problem! Particularly if your floor is prefinished, this is a simple process. Matching site-finished wood is slightly more difficult, but we have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done. However, you may have hardwood flooring that was installed years ago, before you owned your home. That is when matching your new floor to your old floor can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several options available to you. If this is the case, we can help you figure out what the best option is for you.

Add a Contrasting Floor

One option is to not try to match the floor at all! Adding a contrasting wood floor can be visually appealing and solve the issue of not having perfectly matching floorboards. This is particularly effective if the transition is between two rooms, and if you have this flooring scheme throughout your home.

Remove the Old Floor

Alternatively, you could rip up the old floor and start entirely fresh. If you aren’t particularly attached to your old flooring, it may be worth it for the added freedom. Especially if the old floor needs repair or only covers a small amount of space, this might be the most cost-effective option too. At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we can help you determine if this would be the most worthwhile hardwood flooring installation option for you.

Match As Closely As Possible

Sometimes, the hardwood flooring that is already installed in the home is so high quality and valuable, homeowners really want to keep it as is. If this is the case, putting in the effort to get a match is worth it. The first step is getting as much information as possible about your current hardwood floors. Texas Hardwood Flooring can help you figure out the exact species, size, cut, grade, and finish of your current floor so we can match your new flooring as closely as possible. Getting a close match can be very difficult because age, sun exposure, and differences in trees within a species can make even the same type of hardwood flooring look very different. If the transition is between a hallway and a room, a well-placed rug may be sufficient to minimize any apparent differences. If it is in the middle of the room, we can change the direction the wood faces to make the contrast look intentional.

Transition Pieces

Additionally, transition pieces can be used to hide slight color differences between the new and old hardwood floors. You can use T-moldings, which are raised wood pieces that act as a bridge between outside boards, or flush trips, which fit between floorboards to become part of the floor’s pattern. These transition pieces mask any mismatching wood like a rug would, but in a more permanent way.

Weaving in New Floorboards

Alternatively, we could thread the new boards into the old ones in an attempt to create a seamless transition. You will need to match your hardwood as closely as possible in color, length, thickness, and cut. The most difficult part of this process is likely matching the stain of the new floor to the stain of the old floor, because age has likely changed the appearance of the stain over time. We can help create a custom stain that not only matches your old floor, but will age at a roughly equivalent rate.
If your existing hardwood floors could use some TLC anyway, this is an elegant solution. The older floorboards may still stick out if you do this, so it is best to start by weaving in the new floorboards using the strategy listed above. It is possible the old wood will absorb the stain differently than the new wood, but you can leave it to us to worry about that.

At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we can help you match your existing floors with the new boards in such a way that ensures your happiness. Contact us for hardwood floor installation in Fort Worth!

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