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Wood is, arguably, the best flooring option you have available if you’re looking for something natural, beautiful and hypoallergenic. As we all know, if you treat your hardwood flooring right it can last longer than your home itself, as the reclaimed wood trend can attest to. That being said, older hardwood flooring, while charming and full of character, can be full of stains, squeaks and other less than appealing things. So how do you tell if your hardwood flooring needs a straight-up replacement of if it can be salvaged? We’ll show you all the key components you’ll have to look for to determine if you’re searching for hardwood floor repair or hardwood floor replacement services.

#1 Narrow Down Preference

If you’re finding those creaks in the bedroom and cupping boards in the kitchen are more annoying than shabby-chic, you’ll need to start looking into whether it’s just a small portion of the flooring that’s the issue, or the entire floor. Replacing hardwood flooring can be a board-by-board project or a complete overhaul and most of that is due to your individual preference, as you can always do an overhaul. If, however, you’re hoping to preserve some of the character in your older flooring, you might be looking to keep the replacements minimal.

#2 Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood flooring will, however, take away a fair amount of the existing character. This could be an opportunity to potentially change the coloring or the wood without altering the grain and definitive age of the wood. It should be noted that if you have any boards that are termite damaged, insect-infected or delaminated those boards will have to be removed and repaired entirely. If there aren’t too many, then a refinishing is a total possibility. Other hardwood flooring issues like squeaky boards and holes can be repaired easily. We can tighten boards with dry lubricant and nails while patching holes in all together. We can even create patches for damaged boards that match the species and general grain of the wood so that it’s essentially invisible to the untrained eye.

#3 Decide on Stains

If the flooring is severely damaged by staining from either pets or water damage, you’ll likely have to decide after your flooring contractor has sanded down the wood if you’re ok with those stains. A fresh finish and color won’t be able to make those disappear, even if you choose a dark finish. If the stains are scattered across the room and go deep, it might be best just to opt for replacement out the door rather than waste money on half of a refinishing project.

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