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Let’s face it: your floor is one of the largest components of your home; providing the foundation for each and every room of your house. So when it comes to choosing a new flooring option it is important to make sure that you make the right choice. Understanding your needs and lifestyle is key to choosing the flooring that makes the most sense but knowing your flooring company and their qualifications is just as imperative. You’ll undoubtedly want your new floor to last for years, in whatever room you place it. Make sure to ask your flooring consultant the following questions to get the flooring that is going to work best for you.

What type of flooring would you recommend?
Knowing just what type of floor would work best with your sub-floor, foundation, home elements and climate is basic knowledge for any flooring professional. These factors will help eliminate some choices and materials and let you focus your selections to the type that will promise long-lasting value and beauty.

Do you charge for an in-home estimate?
Because it is imperative to the understanding of the particular elements of your home, in-home estimates should be a given. While some flooring companies offer this service for free, others charge a small fee that will be applied to the total cost of the project.

Can I get a list of references?
Any flooring installer worth his salt will be happy to provide a list of references.

What are the specific details of the installation?
Get in writing the estimated time of completion, the total costs and preparations and cleanup. Make sure that you understand what they are prepared to do if they should damage walls or baseboards during installation as this can sometimes happen.

What happens if there are issues with the subfloor? Are you equipped to deal with them?
It sometimes happens that existing sub-floors are not optimal for proper flooring installation. Make sure your flooring installation company is prepared and knowledgeable enough to handle any repair or replacement needs when called for.

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