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Is Marble Flooring a Good Choice?

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Some people can be quite dismissive when it comes to marble flooring because they believe it stains and scratches easily. However, we believe that well-maintained marble can bring an unparalleled elegance to your Dallas home.

Here are the three main damages that befall marbled floors:

  • Stains: Stains can happen when a tinted liquid sits on the marble long enough to stain, like two or three days. However, in that time, liquid usually evaporates or just dries on the floor, which makes cleanup simple and stain-free.
  • Etching: Etching occurs when an acidic substance begins to corrode the marble. Spilled soda could cause etching in a marble floor. This results in a lighter spot being left behind after the spill is cleaned.
  • Scratching: Marble is softer than some other materials and is prone to scratching. However, as long as people keep their shoes clean or take off their shoes as they enter your home, it’s unlikely your floor will scratch. Don’t be shy of indoor shoes, such as slippers–it’s the dirt trapped on the outdoor shoes that cause scratches, not the shoes themselves.

MarbleIf you would like to select marble, just be aware of where you want it to be installed. For example, you may want to avoid marble flooring in your entryway where it sees a lot of traffic. But a spot like the bathroom that sees less traffic may be the perfect choice.

Don’t shy away from marble! We are confident that you can keep your floors in beautiful condition. When you’re ready for a marble or hardwood floor, call the pros at Texas Hardwood Flooring today.

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