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Is Parquet Wood Flooring an Option (Part Two)?

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If you enjoy the look of mid-century modern wood floors or 1940s dance halls, chances are it’s the tiny, delicate designs of the parquet flooring that you can bring to mind. For centuries parquet flooring has been traversed by tiny heeled feet performing fluttering dance steps in time with a partner. Catch the timeless charm and stunning appeal of parquet wood designs in your flooring again and relieve the trends of eras gone by. In our previous article we discussed the pure artistry and utilitarian function that gained parquet flooring it’s previous popularity. If you want parquet flooring to be more than a ghost from mid century and art deco buildings, continue to research it with us to find out more about the options for your next wood flooring project for your Plano home renovation.

Wood Flooring With Accessible Installation

While parquet wood flooring is known for placing an emphasis on woodworking artistry it’s also very easily designed and put together. It clicks together like delicate, three dimensional pieces of a puzzle that comes together to create a rich, lustrous hardwood floor. The ease of installation doesn’t necessarily mean that you should attempt doing it yourself, it merely means that it lends to more opportunity to add to the individual character of the floor through the hand of the hardwood flooring contractor.

Future Wood Floor Sanding

The only caution this beautiful flooring option really comes with — apart from don’t place it above grade — is that sanding will eventually be somewhat difficult. Hardwood flooring is known for its extreme longevity and undeniable character which is ten times as noticeable in the average parquet flooring design. Because parquet flooring features the wood pointing in various directions, the grain follows as suit. Sanding will have to be done gently when you want to refinish and spruce up the flooring within the next twenty years. If your parquet flooring is in need of refinishing, leave it to the pros at Texas Hardwood Flooring.

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Texas Hardwood Flooring specializes in hardwood flooring installation that is markedly artistic and beautiful. With so many hardwood flooring options out there nowadays, we set ourselves apart by promoting a dynamic sense of individuality in each wood flooring installation project we complete. If you’re interested in investing in a timeless and unique style of flooring like parquet, feel free to contact us. We’re eager to assist with your next Plano wood flooring renovation.

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