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Hardwood flooring easily sets apart your piece of real estate from the competition. When you were looking at houses, you probably put the ones with wood flooring above the others? Why because it instantly provides character and timeless style to any room. You don’t need rocket science to figure out why hardwood flooring makes your home worth more. But, when you inherit them and don’t get them installed yourself, they might start looking a little worse for the wear sooner rather than later. So, how do you determine if you can salvage one of the things you love so much about your home?

Does Your Wood Flooring Just Need a Facelift?

The answer mostly comes down to whether or not you’re still in love with the current character of your hardwood floors. If you find historical relevance and beauty in your current flooring, you might consider a wood facelift. In other words, we could replace some of the boards, refinish it to your liking and see how you feel. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to make it look brand new. In fact, pretty much every hardwood floor, due to the amazing durability of the flooring material can probably be salvaged by our hardwood flooring contractors. Even insect damage can be repaired and replaced, while squeaky boards can be tightened and holes can be plugged. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hopeless cases. If there’s too much movement between boards, we can’t refinish it for your as it’ll only serve to damage the wood more. If there are subfloor issues, and the flooring has to be removed to fix that, we can’t save the original wood, you’ll have to invest in new hardwood flooring installation.

Are Your Antique Wood Floors Worth The Price

Obviously, replacing your older wood flooring is going to be more expensive than refinishing the one you already have. Once it’s refinished, you can go around 30 years until you’ll need to refinish the wood again.if you care for it properly in the interim. In fact, the wood itself should be easy to sand and refinish anywhere from five to seven times over the course of its life. It’s definitely worth it to refinish and salvage a floor that is still structurally sound, unless you’re dying to replace the flooring for another, darker color.

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