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How Your Underlying Sub-Floor Affects Your Hardwood Floor

Ya know that ol’ saying about how behind every great man is a great woman? Yeah, that’s how flooring contractors feel about sub-floors. Just like a man, a good floor needs strong and unwavering support.

If you’re taking the time, and making the investment of installing a quality hardwood floor, then you have to understand just how important the supporting sub-floor is to the beauty and long-term functionality of your flooring. There’s no getting around it. The sub-floor of your home is basically the wind beneath your hardwood floor’s wings.

Seriously though, taking into consideration the quirks, flaws and foibles of your sub-floor before choosing the type of hardwood you install is imperative to keeping your floor looking and performing at its optimal best for years. With your hardwood being either nailed, stapled or glued directly to your sub-floor, any issues with stability, moisture or uneven areas will invariably show themselves.

Homeowners often hope to look save some money by simply laying their new floor over their existing vinyl, linoleum or tile flooring. The guidelines for this practice vary from contractor to contractor, but you need to remember that your floor will be directly attached to that material, in essence, making it your substrate. For a better understanding, this practice is much like lining up your annoying ex-girlfriend alongside that beautifully supportive woman and expecting only good things to happen. C’mon. It sounds bad because it is bad.

Regardless, as flooring contractors in Dallas, our recommendation is to remove all flooring layers and work to repair and replace the original sub-floor if and where needed for a seamless installation of the new flooring. It will save time, effort and money in the long run and ensure the lifelong beauty of your floor.

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