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What could be finer than a gift of a new hardwood floor installation?

That’s what Katie and her sister thought.  We’re glad they did, and their parents, who live in Allen, are probably going to be even happier about such a gift!

Katie’s Local Hardwood Flooring Installation Testimonial

Katie’s mom and dad have a house that featured multiple levels of carpeting, which they were tired of. The property on which the house was constructed has become heavily shaded over the years, which made the interior fairly dark. Our project manager, Bart, recommended that in such circumstances the floors would look best with a “natural, light” finish. Bart took some pre-finished hardwood flooring samples and laid them in various rooms in the house to display what that meant in relation to the light in each room. After seeing this demonstration, the sisters agreed with Bart.

The Texas Hardwood Flooring crew got to work. The first thing they had to do was build new subfloors. A subfloor installed for a carpeted floor is usually neither strong nor thick enough to carry a solid hardwood floor product, as was the case here. The subfloor installed by our crew was a 3/4-inch plywood (which comes in 4’ x 8’ sheets) screwed down to the existing subfloor.

Following that, the solid hardwood flooring installation in this Allen split-level home commenced. A beautiful, yet economical, 3/4” thick red oak product was chosen. Red oak is the most common hardwood flooring found in these parts because of its cost, its durability, and its attractiveness. The 2-1/4” wide strips were staggered in an appealing pattern and then nailed down to the new subfloor.

After allowing a few days for adjustment to the humidity and temperature of its new home, the red oak flooring was ready for the next step. First, the floor was sanded and screened to prep it for staining.   As mentioned before, a lighter stain was put on this product to bring out the natural, elegant grain in the wood.  Several coats of stain were followed by a couple of coats of polyurethane, which protects the wood from common, daily incidental damage.  The eye-catching finished product can be seen in the accompanying photo.

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A Texas Hardwood Flooring crew can install these floors as efficiently and artistically as any professional team, but remember that time must be allotted between steps to allow for the wood to adjust, the stain to take, and the several coats of polyurethane to dry. Because it took a while to do this job, the sisters would come by almost daily to check on the project. They often brought along their children, as you can see in the bottom picture. The kids’ interest in our work was keen, and Bart thought there might be some future hardwood flooring installers or project managers in the making!

The sisters were thrilled with the final product, and we’re sure their parents will be, also. We here at THF have to agree that a new hardwood flooring installation is as wonderful a gift as anyone can give a loved one.  You might think about that when you are considering gifts, eh?

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