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We’ve been in the business of installing hardwood floors for a long time. Why? Simple, quality wood flooring looks terrific, and it can last for decades. However, in order for your floors to last for decades, they need to be properly taken care of. Trust us, it’s not hard to do, it’s just a matter of a little preventative maintenance, using the right equipment, and the willingness to do a little work.

Read on for a few helpful tips.

  • The best way to increase the longevity of your floor is to keep it as clean as possible. That means mats in doorways to catch dirt brought in by shoes. Better yet, why not have a no-shoes policy indoors?
  • Put felt pads under the legs of furniture to prevent scratches and scuffing.
  • Light mopping is okay, as long as you go easy on the water. Too much water will saturate the wood and cause it to expand. By properly wringing out your mop, you’ll never have to worry about too much surface water.
  • Dusting is a great way to keep your floors looking good. Use dust mops treated with a dusting agent that specifically picks up dirt. Forget feather dusters since they just move debris around.
  • If deep cleaning is necessary, don’t use vinegar-based solutions, and be careful with which cleaner you use. Go for cleaners that are specifically for wooden floors.
  • If something spills on the floor, don’t wait, handle it immediately. With a dry or slightly damp cloth, soak up the liquid by moving from the outside edges inwards.
  • A good rule of thumb is to have your floor re-waxed on a yearly basis. Remember that not all finishes are compatible with every kind of floor wax. If you’re not sure which one ou should use, feel free to contact us anytime for answers.

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