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Evelyn and her husband Luis had just built a new house in Lakewood Village, Texas, a sweet little community on a peninsula in Lake Lewisville. They loved their new home – but . . .  they had only been there about six months when Evelyn realized that she couldn’t stand the shag carpet they’d installed. She had always dreamed about having such a carpet since she was a little girl, but had never lived with one before. Suddenly, she realized that everything – hair from their cute little shih tzu puppy, dirt from outside, spilled foodstuffs, etc., seemed to stick and stay in the deep crevices and valleys of the covering. In addition, the pup decided it was a fun surface to dig in, and, even though it was a high-quality product, the fibers of the carpet were being pulled out at an alarming rate.  


What to do? Call Texas Hardwood Flooring, that’s what! Brian was the project manager who went out to Lakewood Village to talk about what the couple could do about installing a hardwood floor. He showed them some of the products that are available at wholesale on our website. Both Luis and Evelyn were intrigued by the look of some of the flooring choices. So the differences between solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring was explained (of course, our loyal blog readers know the differences, right?  Right?) Also, the difference between prefinished and in situ installation was discussed. They decided to go with an engineered heading flooring installation.    

Evelyn fell in love with the Versailles hardwood flooring, a part of the Olde Time Collection from Regal flooring. The veneer on this engineered flooring is a hickory, with a naturally distressed golden brown and dirty blonde colors. It varies in width between three inches and seven inches, and has four or five different lengths. Even better, it comes with “Titanium Scuffgard,” a urethane finish with aluminum oxide nano-particles in it. This pre-finishing is remarkably puppy-proof, if liquid accidents are wiped up quickly, of course. Both Evelyn and Luis were surprised at how affordable the wood was, and decided to put this beautiful floor in their whole downstairs. The order was made.  

The Texas Hardwood Flooring professional crew arrived at the agreed-upon date and time and removed the existing carpet, much to Punkin’s excitement. Because the house was so new, there was little or no concrete subfloor prep needed, and the installation of this half-inch thick proceeded. Gluing down the floor with a high-quality adhesive took only matter of two days, followed by a quick and efficient clean-up.  

This Lakewood Village couple was excited to see the beauty of their new wood floor, and grateful to the wonderfully helpful Texas Hardwood Flooring project manager, Brian – we, here at the main office, sort of like Brian, too!  

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