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Maria G. was assigned one of our consultant/project managers, Jesse, to talk about what she should do with the flooring in an Arlington house that she owned. She had lived in it for a while, but now wanted to move to an apartment and let her daughter and son-in-law live in it. There were several issues that needed to be addressed before doing any kind of hardwood installation process.

Maria’s Laminate Flooring Installation

First off, the floors were mostly covered by carpet, the exceptions being the two bathrooms that were tiled.  Her daughter’s family was bringing in two dogs and a very little boy, both kinds of which are hard on floors! With dogs and infants, both of whom tend to have lots of accidents, carpeting may be asking for a stained and smelly surface, as well as a potentially germ-laden floor. But Maria did not want to spend a whole lot of money on this house, at least not right now. Jesse suggested laminate flooring as a cost-efficient alternative.

At first, she was resistant; because of some early inferior products, laminate flooring can have a negative connotation if one hasn’t been paying attention to flooring in general, the way Texas Hardwood Flooring employees in Arlington do.  Our consultants are always keeping up with the trends and improvements in flooring products. What they were able to share with her was that some of the newer laminates had numerous reasons for installation, besides the lower price point, that we have discussed in earlier posts. For Maria, the fact that there were many different design choices was key.  She was excited to find out that the den could be made to look similar to a tile floor without the cost and process of a tile installation, because the laminate flooring has a “picture” on the top layer of the product, and that picture can be practically anything.

So she chose a sturdy 12 mm laminate flooring that resembled marble for the den (where the dogs and kids were most likely to be), and a 10 mm product that looked like real hardwood (a very pretty multi-toned walnut) for the living room and bedroom, where there would be less traffic.  Both products had a pre-attached padding.

Our Arlington crew went to work, first pulling up the old carpet and hauling it away.  Then they checked the sub-floor, making sure it was sturdy and replacing a couple of warped plywood pieces, then laying down a 6 mil poly sheeting.  After that, the team laid the flooring very quickly, followed by the installation of the baseboards.

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So, bottom line, Maria is contented to know that the flooring she chose for this Arlington bungalow is scratch-resistant, sunlight-resistant, mold-resistant, water-resistant (if wiped up immediately, of course).  By the same token, her daughter and son-in-law can keep the floor maintained by simple sweeping and vacuuming, even though dog and grandson “leaks” are possible, or even likely.  If someday they decide to upgrade to a real hardwood floor, Jesse and Texas Hardwood Flooring is ready and able to help them with installation in that endeavor, also!

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