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This beautiful one-story, four-bedroom home is situated right on a golf course, affording it a magnificent view out the back French doors. This vista encompasses a swimming pool and falls, and the huge trees and the tee-box and fairway of one of the holes on the course. This entry leads into the huge family room, replete with a movie-screen, huge easy chairs, and a couch for watching the screen, and a complete bar and semi-kitchen. The whole floor of the room was done in Travertine, and it looked very nice. However, the lady of the house was tired of the look, as nice as it was. She wanted something new, “just for the heck of it,” and called to see what Texas Hardwood Flooring could suggest for a new look in hardwood flooring installation.

Brian went out and discussed various options with her, and the customer asked to have a little while to think about it. She called back after a week or so and said she had seen a friend’s living room and wanted the identical floor. Brian went to her friend’s Lantana home down the road and checked it out. Then he tracked down several samples that were close matches and brought a couple of them over. Our Lantana lady was excited seeing the samples in person, and picked one that she loved. It was a solid, random-width (from six to ten inches), white oak, distressed plank specialty product, light brown in color that brought to mind an old farm-house.

The crew came out and moved the furniture to adjacent rooms and hallways, then began the task of removing the existing tile. That was fairly labor intensive, to say the least, but putting the new wood floor on top of it would have made the floor too high for the doors as they were already cut and hung.

The slab floor was then prepped, and a poly sheeting layer was introduced on top of it for moisture protection from below. Then a plywood subfloor was attached, and roofing felt put on top of that. Then the Texas Hardwood Flooring expert crew quickly and efficiently nailed down this new, exciting three-quarter-inch hardwood floor to the plywood.

Brand new darker-brown baseboards were installed, designed to accent the new cinnamon-colored white oak floor. These function, of course, to cover up the floor/wall gaps necessary for natural wood expansion and contraction with changing weather conditions. Then the new floor was cleaned and swept. The furniture was returned to their original places. The room had a whole new, exciting look. Our sweet Lantana lady customer was almost speechless with pleasure at how beautiful the room looked with this newly installed solid wood flooring. “And it went so fast!” she enthused, much to Brian’s pleasure.

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