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The time has come to install new hardwood floors into your home–wonderful! However, you now have an important decision: Will you choose light or dark hardwood flooring?

Whatever your choice, know that there are no wrong answers. The color of flooring you choose is entirely up to your personal preference and style. However, consider the following questions before you make your decision:

How much are you willing to clean?

Light hardwood floors are easier to keep clean than dark hardwood floors. They show less dirt overall, which means you will not have to clean as much to keep up a tidy appearance. However, if you love darker wood floors, you can opt for a slightly lighter shade (that is still considered dark) to help the appearance remain clean.

Do you have pets?

Dark hardwood floors will show the scratches that Spot left behind more than lighter floors, but don’t forget to consider the color of your pet’s fur. If you have a black cat, a dark floor should be no problem. If you have a golden retriever, a lighter hardwood floor might be a smarter option.

What design look are you aiming for?

As a general rule, dark colors make a room seem smaller, and light colors tend to open up a room. With hardwood floors, this is no exception. However, if you are worried about selecting a dark hardwood flooring because your space may seem smaller than it is, relax! If you do choose a darker floor, you can alter the color of the walls and decor to brighten the room and give it a more spacious look. Large windows and overhead lighting can also help with this issue.

What rooms are you installing the floors in?

When you know what room you will be installing your new hardwood floor into, you can consider the other features of the room to help you select your color. For example, in a kitchen with dark, wooden cabinets, you may want to complement that color with a lighter floor. If you have a bathroom with white fixtures, don’t shy away from a darker hardwood floor. Let’s say you recently invested in a living room furniture set with vibrant red tones. If this is the case, you may want to skip out on a wood floor that also has red undertones. The two red tones will compete against one another instead of complementing each other.

Does your floor have any “problems?”

If your floor has gaps, water stains, or any knots, dark hardwood may be the better choice. It is easier for dark floors to hide these imperfections and camouflage stains.

In the end, the decision is up to you. Remember, light hardwood floors hide dirt easier and can help brighten up a room. Dark hardwood floors help hide imperfections and tend to be a bit more stylish. Consider where you will be installing your floors and make the style decision that is best for you home. Once you decide, give the professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring a call. We look forward to helping your flooring dreams come to life!

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