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There are times when Texas weather can astonish even a Texas native – cloudburst or gully-washer; downpour, toad strangler, or duck drowner. No matter what Texas term you use, Little Elm had one, in spades. A typical May storm that flooded the streets and, in the case of Enid and Joyce’s house, came down the driveway and over the front steps, into the front room of their lake-side ranch house. It didn’t get so deep that the furniture suffered much damage but the hardwood flooring was a goner: It was warped and buckling from the dirty rainwater sitting on it, and no amount of sanding and refinishing would cure its ills.  

When they finally settled with their insurance company, the couple called the Little Elm project manager for Texas Hardwood Flooring and cried “help!” Bart was glad to do just that. Before any mold had a chance to build up, the first thing that had to be done was the cleanup and prep work. This meant the crew came in and painstakingly ripped out the extant floor, and made arrangements for it to be carted to the dump. Then the concrete slab subfloor had to take time to dry sufficiently for a hardwood install. When it was dry, there were spots that had been hollowed out from the damage, so the floor had to be repaired with leveler.  

At last, the actual installation of a new hardwood floor could take place. Joyce had seen an engineered wood floor product at a local big box store that she really liked, and Enid agreed with her choice. Bart relayed the information to Jesse, who arranged for a wholesale purchase through one of his contacts, and the Ozark Highlands flooring (manufactured by Regal) was delivered to the Little Elm house. This product is a beautiful hickory veneer, three-eighths inch thick with variable widths (three, five and seven inches) and of course varied lengths up to seven feet. It also has a bit of a hand-scraped look and feel to it that gives it a rustic quality that fit into their surroundings.

When the subfloor was ready, the Texas Hardwood Flooring crew for Little Elm laid out the new floor and then fastened it using a high-quality Bostik adhesive. The tongue-and-grooves were carefully matched, leaving less than a business-card wide space between the boards (this is the industry standard, actually). Then the floor was carefully swept with the proper kind of broom and rubbed clean with rags. It left a beautiful surface that Enid and Joyce were very happy to look at and walk on. They actually had grins on their faces when Bart came to see them for the final walk-through.  They said they liked it much better than the floor it replaced, and all the hassle of the storm, the insurance company, and the waiting for the drying had been worth it for an upgrade in their wood flooring.  

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