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When Brian, one of the wonderful project managers from Texas Hardwood Flooring, arrived at Jake and Ahmed’s, everything about the house screamed mid-century modern – except the floor. This is a charming University Park home built in the early 1950’s. The outside is exquisitely maintained and the gardens are lush and xeriscaped. Inside, the furniture exhibits bold primary colors, and walking into the living room feels like walking back into the middle of the 20th century. It is a striking and carefully-maintained abode.

But that floor! Oy vey, that floor! Dark and forbidding in a many-windowed room, the linoleum flooring presented a mutant floral pattern that Jake and Ahmed said made them dizzy. Ahmed described it as looking “like a wart on a high-fashion model’s nose.” Something had to be done.

Perusing the internet, he found Texas Hardwood Flooring, promising the finest in professional hardwood flooring installation. That sounded good to Ahmed, so he got in touch with us. On this very site, he found a floor that he thought he loved, a Mohawk engineered hardwood flooring product called American Heritage Collection (how fitting for a classic American-design home!) and the color was Treehouse Oak. It was an extremely light-colored wood that features a kind of mesmerizing cross-cut grain – “just the thing for our living areas!”

When he talked to Brian, Ahmed discovered that the couple could get wholesale pricing on this floor, which is a fairly economical product in the first place. They decided to do the whole house, all two thousand square feet, in this lovely three-eighths inch by five-inch plank oak flooring. Brian called the home office, and Jesse arranged the delivery of the new wood.

Removing the existing linoleum flooring proved to be a real pain-in-the-butt. Some kind of adhesive that we weren’t familiar with must have been used back in the 1960’s to glue down this ugly floor, and scraping it away down to the concrete was a taxing job for our crew. But they were very careful and the house’s concrete slab remained in excellent shape once all that work was done. Then the crew could get down to work on the hardwood flooring installation process.

Once the wood was arranged the way the couple desired, (Ahmed is a hands-on kind of guy, a graphic designer by trade, and he oversaw how it was laid), the Mapei adhesive was spread and the Treehouse Oak planks were secured in the preferred pattern.  A simple shoe moulding was placed at the intersections of walls and new floor, to cover the gap allowed for expansion and contraction of the organic wooden boards that comes with the weather. It was a nice, clean installation; one that matches the nice, clean lines of the design of the house and the antique, 1950’s furniture.

Jake and Ahmed had a party to celebrate the new look of their old house, and invited their friends AND Brian and his team to come to the festivity! Now that is a customer satisfied with their purchase, right?

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