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You may have seen our previous post about engineered hardwood floor myths. Read on to learn even more about this wonderful flooring option.

Will I be able to refinish an engineered floor?

That depends on the thickness. Thicker engineered floors can be refinished while thinner ones cannot. However, do not let that deter you. Oftentimes, a high-quality finish will prevent your floor from needing to be refinished.

Is engineered flooring harder to install that regular hardwood?

No, it’s about the same! However, that won’t matter to you. The professionals at Texas Hardwood Flooring have the experience and precision needed to give you a perfect hardwood floor every time–regardless of whether it’s full hardwood or engineered!

Can I use engineered flooring in the main parts of my house?

Absolutely! Some people believe that engineered flooring is only for condos or basements, but this isn’t true. It’s a great option for basements and condos, but they are by no means limited to these locations. This flooring is great for homes that see a lot of humidity (looking at you, Dallas) because engineered flooring is resistant to water absorption. The expansion that comes when there is moisture in the air can be harmful to your flooring, but this won’t be a concern with engineered floors.

How thick does the flooring need to be?

There is no requirement, but it depends on your choice! Some wood species tend to crack if the veneer is too thick. On the other hand, some engineered hardwood floors will remain sturdier with thick flooring if they are exposed to a lot of humidity.

Whatever you decide, we guarantee that Texas Hardwood Flooring will be there to help. Call us today to learn more!

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