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One of our customers is Franklin, a certified public accountant in Flower Mound, Texas. His business has been flourishing lately because the city of Flower Mound has been booming. One day he greeted a middle-aged lady at the main door and invited her into his office. He happened to glance at her as they went toward his office and saw her looking down at the floor with a slight hint of disapproval. Business had been so busy that Franklin had not even noticed that the cheap laminate floor that had been installed when his strip-mall office had been built was worn down so badly that the MDF base of the flooring was showing through in places. He was mortified and got on his computer right after she left. He found this website and called. Our superb project manager, Brian came out almost immediately (he lives only a couple of miles from the CPA’s office, actually).

Installing Hardwood Flooring in a Local Small Business

Franklin had been looking at the product photo gallery on the Texas Hardwood Flooring website and liked the very first one he saw! The Adventura Oak Graphite pre-finished oak flooring from the Mohawk company grabbed his attention. This hard, dense, open-grained wood appealed to the eye, offering an inherent “warmth,” as Mohawk claims. Our customer apparently felt it. He went for the middle sized product, a 6” engineered hardwood. Brian brought his crew in for the installation in this modest but bustling Flower Mound office space.

This accounting office is approximately a thousand square feet, with a main reception area, a large private office, a smaller private office for the junior partner he had just hired, a supply room and a break/kitchen area. The stunning grey graphite color on this engineered hardwood install would set off both the wall paint and the office furniture beautifully.

The only kicker was: Franklin needed the space to greet customers in and to work in during the week! No problem, offered our genial project manager, we’ll come by when you’re not there. So the schedule was set. On Friday, Franklin and his co-workers went home early, just after three p.m. By nine o’clock that evening the old laminate floor had been removed and carted off. Starting the next morning, the Texas Hardwood Flooring Flower Mound squad prepped the concrete, then laid out the new engineered hardwood floor in a staggered pattern. Working fairly long hours both Saturday and Sunday, the team, shifting the furniture from room to room, had successfully glued down this floor with a high-quality Bostic adhesive before the accountants returned to work on Monday morning. The flooring was cleaned up, the furniture returned and the customer was pleased.

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The number crunching proceeded on Monday as if nothing had happened, but now Franklin was proud to open his doors to his Flower Mound customers. If you need a hardwood flooring installation in the Flower Mound or greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, get in touch with Texas Hardwood Flooring today!

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