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Many of the jobs that we do are routine, to say the least. That is, they are fairly common circumstances for us, because, as a company, Texas Hardwood Flooring has fifty years of experience in installing hardwood floors. Solid, engineered, laminate, refinishing, even tile, this company has done it all in this time – dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times. So we’d be the first to admit that it could be easy to lose sight of the fact that for the homeowner customer, our work in their home is a once or twice in a lifetime experience.  

That’s why we keep and nurture the project managers we have, with the personalities that they bring to the table: Easy-going, helpful, friendly, kind. Good guys (and gals), in other words. Sometimes these skills are put to the test, especially we come into a hardwood floor installation situation, like a particular home in North Richland Hills, where the customer is nervous (you might even say high-strung). Perhaps because of previous experiences with service providers, some folks can be very suspicious of anything that is suggested to them, told to them, even promised in writing. We can certainly understand. Most of us have been burned in one way or another in some commercial transaction.  

It was truly a simple job:  a straight-ahead removal and replacement of a worn-out engineered hardwood floor with brand new engineered hardwood flooring. It was not a large job; our part in it was taking out less than a thousand square feet and putting in the same amount of a five-eighths inch engineered red oak veneered flooring, featuring a standard three-inch width.  

Kudos to our project head and his crew, because the owner was looking over their shoulder every step of the way, asking dozens of questions about why the team was doing this or that. Although this crew chief admitted that it felt taxing at times, this even-tempered Texas Hardwood Flooring pro patiently explained each and every step. In effect, he held the homeowner/customer’s hand through the entire process.  

This sometimes is not as easy as it sounds, because our project managers often have more than one crew working at different locations at a time. But we know how important the satisfaction of each customer can be in a competitive environment like home updating.  

The North Richland Hills crew carefully removed the worn-out old maple engineered floor and arranged for its removal. Then they properly leveled the pier-and-beam subfloor, laid down a moisture barrier and roofing felt, and nailed in the new engineered hardwood floor. It all went smoothly, even though our “nervous Nellie” of a customer needed a bit of extra assurance about what was being done the whole time.  

In the end, they confessed to being relieved and say they are thrilled with their new floor, and even found the clean-up the crew did to be exemplary. Whew! Another “routine” job in the books.  

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