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One of the best things about finding a true, classic mid-century modern home is finding the parquet wood flooring within it. It’s off-kilter, and interesting like most of the design themes from the mid-century modern era. If you love the retro look and the swift angles mixed with natural elements from the period, you probably find parquet flooring completely charming. So, why isn’t it in current home designs? It merely got overshadowed by the newest and trendiest items, but it’s still available and full of undeniable class like it always has been.

The Tile of Hardwood Flooring

To this day, parquet wood flooring is still known as the only solid hardwood flooring that is as easy to install as tile flooring is. The majority of the time, parquet flooring is installed via the glue-down method which means there is no nailing required. The urethane-based adhesive that is used for the installation of the hardwood flooring allows for the installers to makes small adjustments because it takes a full 60 minutes to dry. The flooring is all solid hardwood, so you are limited in where you can put it (i.e. not the basement) but everywhere else is free-reign and it promises to last until your house is considered retro.

The Royal Look

If you’re ever touring somewhere in Europe and you take one of the many tours within one of the famous chateaux or castles and glance at the flooring and you’ll find parquet wood flooring. The rich look that uses multi-pieced designs to achieve the beautiful, deep three dimensional appearance has been coveted by literal kings for the last three centuries. The Victorian era and Art-Deco are known for immortalizing the artistry behind woodworking in the furniture, crown molding, and even the very flooring beneath their feet. Though it saw a revival among mid-century modern styles, it’s actually quite a timeless accent to any home.

The Artistry is in the Woodwork

What is truly fascinating is that parquetry is actually the creative usage of the small wood scraps that would usually be too small for flooring or really any other means. Through the utilitarian function for parquetry the design and artistry employed to make the smaller, more insignificant pieces become apart of something largest it become one of the most coveted types of flooring. The symbolism in the artistry itself renders it entirely unique and still desirable if not for the creativity behind the idea then within in it’s rich providence.

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