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Because so many businesses have been relocating to it constantly for the past three decades, Plano, Texas is a town that is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities of its kind in the entire country. Kyle and Molly and their three young kids are some of the latest to arrive here, moving in last year from Marysville, Ohio because of the new Toyota headquarters that is being built in the north end of town. More new Texans to fuel our economy!  

They liked almost everything about their new home except for the twelve hundred square feet of tacky laminate flooring, and the ugly hundred-or-so square feet of pinkish porcelain tile that led to the back door. Make no mistake, laminate products can make a very good flooring option, especially these days when the quality of the product has improved dramatically. However, this well-off middle-management dad and homeschooling mom wanted a “facelift” for their home, something that felt a little classier and something able to stand up to the constant traffic of three rambunctious children who are home most of the time.  

After asking around their new neighborhood and their home-school support group for recommendations, they called Texas Hardwood Flooring and Bart went to give a consult. It was decided that a white plank tile was best for the hundred square feet of “mud room” at the back door. That was easily arranged, and the white square tiles were installed, a big improvement in the look of the room, Molly said.  

Then came the decision on a new hardwood floor install for the rest of the downstairs.  Although an engineered product would work very well, Kyle and Molly wanted an overall “smooth” look to the floor, i.e., they wanted no spaces between the boards. No problem, said Texas Hardwood Flooring’s project manager, and a raw wood install was agreed upon. Bart arranged with Jesse and one of our many suppliers for a discount on the purchase of the wood, and it was delivered promptly.    

The Plano crew came to the house, on time, and said good riddance to the current laminate flooring. Then, after laying down poly sheeting for moisture protection and a ¾” plywood subfloor, a standard red oak floor was nailed down. Of course, a few days were needed for the wood to acclimate to its new home. This was followed by a sanding and cleaning of the new surface. The former Ohioans chose a dark stain for the living room, and a lighter pecan tint for the kitchen.  They asked for an extra coat of polyurethane for extra protection.  

Kyle and Molly loved their new floors.  And Katie, Kenny and Krista “helped” out during the installation process, (which mostly consisted of offering lemonade and cookies to the hard-working professional installers from Texas Hardwood Flooring, who appreciated the kindnesses). Welcome to Texas, kids!

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