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Wood flooring makes a stunning addition to any home and even in individual living spaces. Since the flooring industry is an ever-changing one, it can be truly difficult to keep up with the different terms and the categories that things are now included in. The hottest commodity at this point is the prefinished wood flooring option. If you’ve caught our last couple of blogs, we’ve been conducting a debate over the merits of the prefinished materials currently on the market.

Disadvantage: Refinishing Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great choice for flooring because as it ages you always have the option to refinish it, which makes a world of difference. When the wood planks have been pre-finished, however, it puts the refinishing process into question a touch more. If you find yourself in need of refinishing the flooring, you’ll have to first sand down the pre-finish coat to get to the natural wood, and then refinish the flooring. However, because the flooring was prefinished with more effective compounds that are not suitable to apply onsite in your home, you won’t have to refinish the flooring as soon as you might have.

Advantage: Flooring Installation

Installing prefinished hardwood flooring is much easier than installing its counterpart. When you install unfinished hardwood flooring you have to go through the process of sanding and staining the planks onsite, in your home. Sanding is a really messy procedure that can become a disaster when done indoors, and it can easily fill an entire room with splintered dust particles. The planks then require a thorough cleaning followed by an application of finish, which can be odorous. With prefinished flooring, they’re ready to go the moment they’re installed.

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