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In our previous blog, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of prefinished hardwood flooring. The difference between prefinished and on-site finished flooring is exactly how it sounds. Prefinished is done in the factory while your flooring contractor finishes unfinished woods for your at your home. On the market today, you’ll see a trend toward prefinished planks as manufacturers begin to sell more products that are much more hassle-free. Without the prefinish, the flooring contractor will have to come and finish the wood for you. With the knowledgeable opinions of Texas Hardwood Flooring, you’ll be able to decide if prefinished is the option for you.


This is hardly a disadvantage or an advantage; rather, it’s more of a stylistic choice than anything else. If you purchase prefinished wood flooring planks, you’ll see that they have beveled edges—or cut with rounded corners. This is blamed for making the plank look like it was from a manufacturer and takes away the rustic look that many people look for when installing hardwood flooring. This can be alleviated, however, through the practice of hand scraping the planks. This easily adds the rustic look back to the flooring. However, if you’re looking for a cleaner cut anyway, the beveled edges will be doing you a favor.

Disadvantage: Height

When you have your hardwood flooring installed without a prefinish on it, the flooring contractor will install the planks and then sand the whole thing flat. This allows the floor installation process to be much more uniform in regard to height because you can sand down the irregularities i n the floor. Those height changes across the boards might be the result of an uneven subfloor or a number of things, but they might not be there at all. Nonetheless, with prefinished materials, you will not be able to have the wood flooring sanded so the surface will reflect those irregularities beneath the surface.

Prefinished Wood Flooring To Be Continued

Before making a decision on color, or any of the other factors that will affect your future home improvement purchase, you’ll have to decide on whether or not you’re looking for prefinished or unfinished wood flooring planks. Look out for our blogs weighing the pros and cons of the two kinds of hardwood floor options, or contact Texas Hardwood Flooring to start chatting about what will best suit your needs. We’re ecstatic to get started on your new Little Elm project.

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