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In general, when wood flooring is installed, the unfinished planks are put in place, then stained, and then finished with a protective surface layer by the flooring installers while on site. To reduce the time spent during installation, some manufacturers are starting to prefinish their hardwood flooring products. This protects against stains, discolorations, and water damage that could occur during shipping and installation. Regardless of the brand or color you choose, prefinished planks are something you should seriously consider based off of a couple of factors.

Advantage: Durability

As stated before, this is a much more durable plank than an unfinished one. The manufacturer is able to apply super powerful chemical sealers to the wood that are not available for on-site application. These powerful chemical sealants consist of aluminum oxide crystals that are embedded in a UV-cured urethane coating that will protect your wood from pretty much everything. You’ll see most site-applied finishes only have a warranty of around three to five years, but that factory applied finish? Five to twenty-five years, depending on how you treat the wood. Considering hardwood is known for lasting for as long as you continue to care about its condition, you can be looking at some serious longevity from your flooring.

Advantage: Ease Of Maintenance

The main complaint about hardwood flooring is the special maintenance it requires to care for it. But, because the surface seal is stronger on prefinished wood flooring, the maintenance is far easier. This means less refinishing costs and maintenance from your local flooring contractor in the future. Prefinished hardwood flooring is also known for its remarkable stain resistance, impervious nature to moisture, and discoloration. The treatment the factory applies will last longer, rendering that future refinishing hassle completely void, or at least kicks it down the road quite a few years.

Disadvantage: Seams

One of the few disadvantages you may come across will be the seams. Because the planks are finished at the factory, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a prefinished hardwood floor that has a sealing agent applied between the planks. This can lead to dirt and grime getting rubbed in between the planks, and at times this can mean the seams will allow in water as well, which could cause some water corruption.

Your Flooring Contractor Can Help

Prefinished is becoming a factory standard because it sets manufacturers apart. And though there are some disadvantages that we’ll find out more about in our next blog, they are often easily remedied by a little extra care on the owner’s part or the flooring contractor’s. Contact your local Lucas hardwood flooring installers, Texas Hardwood Flooring, for a quote today.

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