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At Texas Hardwood Flooring, we’re all about performing the best possible installation of quality wood flooring. But once your floor has been installed, occasional upkeep is still important. Once in a while, you’ll need to re-sand your floor. While that process is fairly simple, if you don’t prepare properly, you could run into issues like uneven flooring or grain damage.

Not to worry, because we’ll go over a few tips for proper preparation.

  1. Initially, you want to make the room clear of all obstacles. We’re not just talking about moving all the furniture out of the room. If any doors obstruct part of the door, remove them temporarily from their hinges. Also, go over the surface of the floor looking for raised nails, screws, and staples. If you find them, drive the nails flush with the floor, and remove any unneeded screws or staples. If there are any loose boards, be sure to nail them down. Without a smooth surface, the sander can be damaged and your sandpaper can tear.
  2. Don’t just close vents, windows, electrical outlets, doors, and other openings leading to house interiors. Cover them entirely with tape or plastic. This will ensure that dust doesn’t make its way to the rest of the house.
  3. Keep exterior windows and doors open to get dust out and let air circulate.
  4. Wear protective goggles, earplugs, and a dust mask.
  5. Finally, plot your path. Be sure not to go against the grain, and make sure not to take paths that will cause you to trip over the wiring of your sander or a vacuum cleaner. Plus make sure all equipment is easily accessible to you. The last thing you need is to spread dust all over when entering or leaving the room.

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