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Picture this: Your sprawling a beautiful, thick oriental rug over the expanse of rough-hewn, refinished and milled wood. Unlike most wood floors that you don’t know the story of, you’re intimately familiar with each board, even though you’ve just had it installed. You know it’s heartwood pine that was cut with a circular saw back in the 1800s so that it could be used to build one of the waterfront warehouses in Boston harbor. It was pulled up only last year, re-milled and sent straight to you so that you could gaze at it when the candlelight flickers across its roughened surface and watch morning light play over the glossy wood when you wake up. This isn’t a dream, this can be a reality. It’s the reality of reclaimed hardwood flooring. Before you start shopping for this ultra-charming addition to your home, there are a few interesting factoids that will enhance your purchasing experience when you do set out to find out more about the hardwood flooring installation process and purchasing process.

Where It Comes From

When the people who are trying to remill that aged, character-rich lumber that they picked out of the wreckage of an old building, they probably didn’t pick it up off the floor, at least, not literally. Most of the reclaimed wood that you’ll see on the market nowadays is more likely to be siding or framing tinders, not the actual antique floors you’re thinking they are. Essentially, most older hardwood flooring is installed with the tongue-and-groove technique. This installation method makes it nearly impossible to pull up the wood without splintering the boards and destroying it. At most, you’ll be able to easily remove a few boards that will survive, otherwise, it’s a super labor-intensive process that yields little fruit. What you get when you purchase reclaimed wood flooring is mostly beams and framing timber. If you’re looking for that specific feeling of old flooring, you might be hard pressed to find it, but it’s not impossible.

Texas Hardwood Flooring Can Help

If you’re looking for amazing reclaimed wood that’ll fit your needs perfectly while satisfying your need for true-to-form historical elements in your Little Elm home, check out our blog series. We selected a couple of reclaimed wood flooring providers that are not only reliable but are backed by fascinating stories for their companies and their wood. Once you’ve chosen the flooring for you, reach out to us. We’re excited to help you install your hardwood flooring that will ensure that the quality of wood will last 100+ years more. Reach out to us when you’re ready for an installation consultation.

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