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How to Know when Your Hardwood Floor has had Enough

So your hardwood hasn’t been looking all that great lately? Has it lost its luster? Is it falling short on shine? Has its warmth worn-out? Though some types of solid hardwood flooring can last for more than a century when properly taken care of, they all require routine care and attention to keep up their beauty and functionality. If your floor has been looking worse for the wear, and you’ve been considering simply refinishing or repairing it, here’s how to know if its worth it or if you should invest in a new floor instead.

  • If there is extensive movement – If  the planks of your floor are spaced where they move easily, or the whole floor moves significantly when walked across, it is probably smarter to replace it. No amount of sanding and refinishing will make it better, in fact, it can make the issue worse.
  • If more boards are damaged than are in good condition – The rule of thumb here is that if more than 30 percent of your floor’s individual planks are warped, chipped, show pet stains or are affected by termites, replacement is the better option. If its a simple matter of restoring shine and luster, rather than restoring the damage, its okay to simply refinish.
  • If you are looking for a different look – Beyond changing the color, if you are looking to change up the the look and feel of a room, replacing your floor would be the more time-effective choice.
  • If you have structural issues – Generally speaking, if your foundation has structural issues you may be required to remove a good portion of your flooring in order to fix the problem. For small areas, repair may work if you can find the same species and floor type but replacement is recommended if the problem is extensive.
  • If the floor has been refinished a number of times before – Sanding and refinishing removes the outer most layer of wood from the flooring. After several attempts, you’ll find that the aesthetic layer of your wood floor has been thinned. After so many times, that floor is no longer able to be sanded again. Replacement is inevitable.
  • If you need the job completed quickly and without much hassle – Floor refinishing is much more of a complicated process than installing a new wood floor is. Therefore, if you are in need of a time-efficient option that is also less of an inconvenience, then replacement is preferred by many.
  • If cost is the main concern – Where it does offer quick completion and a better choice of style and color options, replacement is more costly. If you don’t mind giving up the use of your entire room for four to five days and are more focused on saving money, then choose to refinish if its possible.

Let us help you decide whether refinishing or replacement is the better option. Our team of flooring professionals in Dallas and Fort Worth have guided hundreds of homeowners into making the right choice, giving them the beautiful floor of their dreams. Call us now to schedule your free estimate at 214-614-6717.

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