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If you’re still dreaming of the way the light of the sunset will glint off of that authentic antique wood flooring with its circular cuts and gorgeous character, you’re not alone. The trend of installing reclaimed wood flooring has swept the nation and just about everyone is equally enchanted with the naturally rustic and historically rich decor that’s popping up in all of the magazines. So how do you go about making an educated decision when you’re getting ready to purchase your reclaimed wood? You follow our comprehensive guide about the installation and purchase of reclaimed wood products.

The Reclaiming Process

If you’re interested in purchasing reclaimed wood flooring, you’ll need to know, as we mentioned in the last article, what part of the building it comes from. Granted, most will come from ceiling beams and other portions of timber that are not as affected by the ravages of time and a hundred years of feet clip-clopping across it. It’ll be sliced from the outside, which is categorized as rich in character. It’ll be darker because of the abuse of the years it’s stood up against. Inner cuts will have less character, they’ll be lighter in color, and will probably be a touch more resilient than the other portions of the timber. If you like the idea of flooring specifically being repurposed as more flooring, then you’ll need to look to some of the vendors that pull up attic flooring on old southern homes. That’ll be your best guarantee of finding whole boards that are still comprehensive to install and come as one whole color and from the same building.

Where Reclaimed Wood Comes From

In short, the South. Despite the Union army burning and destroying a fair amount of the buildings after the Civil War, including most of those old plantations with amazing wood complements, there’s still plenty of wood to salvage down there. When the Southern Reconstruction hit, there was a surplus of population and therefore a surplus of people building new houses that, luckily, lasted long enough to turn into salvageable timber. Thus, when you’re purchasing reclaimed wood flooring, it’s most likely from those regions rather than Phoenix, as there are very few old barns to pull down and repurpose.

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When you’ve successfully picked out a distributor, ordered your samples and lived with the sample for a fair amount of time, reach out to us. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your reclaimed hardwood flooring is installed correctly. It’s our job to make sure hardwood flooring all over Texas is capable of lasting at least 100+ more years past the day we installed it. We’re passionate about gifting the people of Texas with beautiful wood flooring that increases the value of their homes as well as the quality of life while they remain there. When you’re ready to make your dream of antique wood flooring a reality in your Little Elm home, contact us.

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