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Maybe it seems like yesterday. Your hardwood floors had just been installed, and they gleamed with vitality. You knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they were a good investment. Then, time passed. Life happened, and the passion for your floor dulled as surely as the finish. So what should you do? Sometimes in life, we get into a rut, and we have to take steps to breathe new life into our lives. Your hardwood flooring is no different.

Keep reading for a few useful tips to revitalize your hardwood floors and bring back the shine.

  • Just as there are different types of wood, there are also different types of finishes. If your floor has gone dull, a new finish is just the thing to perk it up. Depending on the finish, you can restore a beautiful shine, or you can even slightly change the color, which can be highly useful if you’re thinking about redecorating.
  • If your floor is in a high traffic area, or it’s taken a beating from kids, pets, or all of the above, a new finish may not do the trick. Or perhaps you’ve moved into a home with wood flooring that’s old and been in heavy use for years. Instead, consider re-sanding. By having it re-sanded and renovated, it’s a good way to restore the former beauty of your floor without the expense of having a new floor installed.
  • There are an enormous amounts of stains and colored oils designed specifically for hardwood flooring. By using these, you can utterly transform the look of your floor into something new.
  • Sometimes, all it takes to view your flooring in a new light is a little bit of redecoration. By moving furniture around, and possibly adding some standing lamps, light and shadow will fall on your floor in new spots, and create a brand new look.

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