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Welcome back to our blog series on stone floors. The topic of discussion today is granite. It’s completely different in relation to limestone. Where limestone can evoke images of Egyptian and Roman palaces, granite is a much more modern substance.


It’s used for designing natural, and still high-tech spaces. It’s the slab of stone you’ll see an entire desk made of at a giant tech company. Because of its variety, you can create varying styles with this stone as a support or foundation. Black granite flooring fosters feelings of elegance and sophistication while a neutral champagne or brown color could promote a rustic or even Tuscan atmosphere.


It’s an extremely durable material, considered the hardest non-precious stone due to its quartz base. It also won’t be susceptible to stains and deterioration, unlike the previously mentioned limestone. It is one of the few stone flooring options that requires less upkeep. It’s also versatile because of how structurally sound it is it’s easily cut into different shapes which can give your entire home a different feel. The texture should be a point of interest, as you can find granites that can be sanded down, or you can choose that rough, rustic texture. You can choose high gloss or matte, and an important thing to note as that no slab of granite will be the same, as it’s completely unique.

Sticker Shock

The main drawback of granite, or any stone flooring, is the price. Granite flooring is not for the penny pincher, unfortunately. You’ll be able to get away with a more affordable price from us because we’re wholesale. But the key word to associate with granite is luxury because it’s dapper and dramatic and that look doesn’t come without a price.


As we mentioned, granite is extremely low maintenance. You can expect to mop and sweep occasionally to keep it looking nice. At a later date, you may consider reapplying your seal that will keep your granite protected from stains and moisture. Still, be sure to clean spills immediately, and don’t let dirt build up on your floors which will keep the seal healthy and effective. But those rules would apply to any flooring.

Are you interested in investing in luxury flooring? Be sure to explore your options with our comprehensive blog series that will continue to detail your options for stone flooring. When you’re ready to make the decision, be sure to contact Texas Hardwood Flooring for all of your flooring needs. We’re excited to offer you wholesale materials and great pricing available for our services. Be sure to contact us to discuss your Fort Worth home improvement project.

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