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Welcome back to our stone flooring blog series! We’ve covered limestone and granite, and now we’re onto everyone’s favorite: marble. Marble flooring is a landmark of affluence. In “The Great Gatsby” you think of the Buchanan’s home with beautiful, sprawling, marble floors. You picture it furnishing the floors of Hollywood executives offices, garnished with their giant red tricycles that they use as a form of intimidation for the lower execs. Marble is the first thing you’ll picture when thinking of that mid-century ideal of distinct design.


Marble is quarried from mountains all over the world. It’s a metamorphic rock, that contains crystallized limestone, with a surface rich with veining and crystal formations. It’s been the foundation of decor for the palaces of kings and queens for centuries. In the 60’s it had a resurgence because of its ability to improve any space.


It’s available in more than just the shimmering white that you’re picturing. You can find it in multi-colored mixes which offer a flexibility for different decorative ideas. They’re easily cut so you can get creative with the look you’re wanting for your flooring, whether it’s traditional tiles or compilation of mosaic-like shapes.

Due to being naturally produced no two tiles are the same, while they can be similar. You can choose a more subdued or bold shift between each of your tiles depending on your preference. Marbles natural translucence will allow your flooring to gain a glowing effect when exposed to the sun. This effect will give your stone flooring a distinct and interesting personality that cannot be replicated easily.


A definitive plus of having marble flooring is that it’s a wonderful conductor of heat. Where granite is preferred in hotter climates because how naturally cool to the touch it is marble is preferred in colder climates because of its radiant effect. This makes it a great candidate for below surface radiant heating systems to be installed, they’re great for warming your tootsies during the winter. On the inverse, you can install radiant cooling systems to cool down those tiles that will be absorbing that summer heat.

Next time on our blog series, we’ll continue the pros and cons of the fashion favored stone flooring choice: marble. Its properties are well documented and expansive which means there’s more to consider in regard to this pricier purchase. If you’re fascinated by the prospect of stone flooring, be sure to keep up with our blog series so you can make the most well-rounded decision for your next flooring project. Be sure to contact Texas Hardwood Flooring if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get your Fort Worth home improvement on the road.

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