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Slate has an unmatched ability to inspire a rustic, durable feeling to any space. It’s the stone you see driving through mountainous canyons and it has a powerful association with nature that you’ll see carried through to the decor of your home with a careful grace. Stone flooring, whether it is slate, limestone, or granite holds sway over the value of your home and can be a great home improvement choice. After you’ve chosen your budget and the area to be upgraded, you’ll want to start weighing your options. Read Texas Hardwood Flooring’s stone flooring blog series to help you decide which tile is going to best suit your needs.


Of all of the natural stones you can choose for flooring, slate is the most durable. It’s super resistant to cracks, scratches, breaks and chips. Like most stone flooring, it will need a seal applied annually to ensure it doesn’t sustain any staining, but it will last decades if properly cared for. It adds value to a home, specifically if installed in the bathroom or kitchen. It comes in quite a few different color options and is neutral, thus, would fit well in any home and complement most decorating styles unlike the very specific aesthetic of marble.


As far as maintaining slate it’s very middle of the road. Upon installation and before grout, you’ll have to use a surface sealer that clogs the tiny pores in the stone and a surface barrier to protect the first protective substance, performing this once a year is the most maintenance your slate will require. As with any tile flooring, you’ll have to worry about grout lines. Grout can get stained, is susceptible to mold and mildew, but it can easily be redone without reinstalling the entire tile flooring.

The other thing you’ll have to be concerned about with slate is clefting. Essentially, the stone can sometimes be sharp due to its natural pointed layers being . You’ll have to search for honed and brushed tiles if this surface is specifically for your home since you won’t want to be pricking your foot every time.

It should be noted that because of slate has a higher than average weight it will be much harder to install on upper-level floors. Its weight makes it’s installation back-breaking work, which could cost you more in workman hours.

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