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If Texas Hardwood Flooring has not sold you on the previous types of stone flooring that offer amazing style options and measurable home improvement value then we have one more option up our sleeve. Travertine is a rough-hewn sedimentary stone with a mottled texture and offers a beautiful beige coloring. It’s unusual texture is what draws folks attention to it and renders it a desirable and beautiful option for flooring or even backsplashes. It acts as a great anchor to provide an ancient Roman bath aesthetic to any space because of its porous, aged texture.

It’s Beautiful and Practical

Worried about those large pores getting filled with soap scum or dirt? Worry not! Most travertine tiles are filled with an epoxy, self-leveling resin that will prevent this sort of damage to your tiles. They’ll come with precisely cut edges, which means that unlike ceramic tiles, travertines edges fit together perfectly with honed 90-degree angles that make it crisp and neat looking upon installation.

Tumbled Stones

Travertine is beautiful in any setting, but if you’re pushing for the Tuscan style then tumbled travertine is the answer. It can easily achieve the Old World look that you see all over Tuscany. The tumbled variety will come with slightly rougher surface and the edges will be uneven and slightly more rounded allowing for that imperfect ancient look. When it’s put together, it’ll offer a rough and almost uneven surface which can be extremely attractive for patios, but you may consider filling the holes in for inside applications. You can pull a layer of sanded grout over the surface to fill in any holes that might collect dirt in those spaces. Travertine is supposed to have the uncut gorgeous look that tumbled stones everywhere try to have, so the weathering the tiles should only add to the overall aesthetic.

Unlike other stones, the weathering effect that these tiles experience merely adds to their color and character so they have the opportunity to last far longer than other stone floors. Travertine tiles are one of the easiest repaired floors since they are more easily matched because of their mild coloring. If one tile breaks you can find replacement tiles that will match with relative ease.

The main downside you’ll find is the price, as with all stone flooring, and the coldness.Travertine can be uncomfortably cold on bare feet because it’s an excellent conductor of temperature. This also makes it a perfect candidate for in-floor heating systems which can be a efficient energy saver depending on the type of system you install.

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