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We won’t say you’re wrong if you think kitchen hardwood flooring looks extra sharp. It certainly seems like the perfect addition to any kitchen. With dark wood, you can turn an airy, white accented kitchen into a tastefully modern cooking complex. With creamy wood tones you can easily transform an area into a Meditteranean inspired safe haven. The appeal for the aesthetic will always be there when you’re discussing hardwood flooring, however the practicality might accompany the flooring option from room to room. There’s some grey area in regard to if hardwood flooring in the kitchen is appropriate or not. It certainly won’t do in your bathroom, but the kitchen is classified as a “semi-moist environment’ which is not the same classification as a bathroom. So where does hardwood lie on that spectrum? Let’s explore.

Is Your Kitchen High Moisture?

Talking in generalizations can really only get us so far. Though a few average facts about our environment will likely aid you in answering whether or not hardwood flooring will react well in your kitchen. For example, because the Dallas and Fort Worth area are fairly arid and are dry from day-to-day, you could make the case that the environment will help stifle any moisture that collects too freely as long as it’s not constantly replenishing. While your basement certainly wouldn’t be a suitable place for hardwood flooring your kitchen won’t see nearly as much moisture as it would if it were there, or even in your guest bathroom. While you might occasionally drop a vat full of chili on your flooring or dump something that requires a mop to clean up, perhaps the entire Costco container of soy sauce, these small spills once they’re cleaned up quickly shouldn’t be able to damage your hardwood flooring.

In fact, the things that are likely to damage hardwood flooring in your kitchen would likely weaken any sort of flooring. For example a broken fridge or dishwasher, even a puddle under the sink if left unattended to would harm heartier more water resistant flooring too. As long as the planks of your flooring are laid very tightly together and the sealant is still built-up and strong enough to keep water out, moisture at this level should hardly be an issue.

Maintenance Indications

That being said, since the kitchen is considered a high-traffic era, it will be harder to keep that sealant that will keep all of that water out of the wood. As long as you’re on top of the maintenance and keep it pretty consistent, it should be no problem for the moisture in such small quantities to be repelled effectively if you keep an eye on how the sealant is maintaining itself.

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We understand it can be hard to decide what your flooring needs as you have a lot more on your plate than taking care of your flooring. But that’s why we exist: to make your hardwood flooring last without you having to think too hard about it. If you’re convinced you’d love some hardwood in your kitchen, we’re here to help you in that journey. We have a huge variety of wood species and colors to make your flooring totally personalized and we’ll help you establish a maintenance schedule that keeps your flooring from warping or suffering any other damage.

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