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If you’ve seen stone floors in person, or in pictures, you understand why they are currently all the rage. Where hardwood flooring guarantees that you’re home will have that warmth that works great in just about any setting, stone flooring offers a chic vibe for any home. There is a litany of benefits behind stone flooring, like how easy it is to clean, how pet resistant it is, or how you can install heating underneath the tiles. But beyond that, it offers an aesthetic previously only achieved by the Romans in their beautiful villas and seen in Bond movies. In this series, we’ll discuss the different types of stone flooring, tiles, cleaning methods, and more.

When embarking on your home improvement journey, you should know what you’re getting into. So before you settle on  a specific stone for your floors, though strictly speaking, we won’t stop you from such a grounded and logical decision, you should at least know what your options are. As far as types of stone tile, you can choose from granite, limestone, marble, slate, and travertine. All of them come with their own requirements and styles, but be sure to consider a few factors first.


This is the stone you’re thinking of when you picture the gleaming off-white floor of that super expensive hotel you stayed in once, or perhaps it’s how you picture Caesar’s sitting room in his palace. It’s associated with luxury and that means the price point is probably going to match it. It’s a porous, ocean-formed material that’s pretty soft for a stone, which is why you’ll find there are porcelain imitations of it everywhere. The upper-end limestone you’ll find will often be stone-cut and quarried in Turkey. It should be noted that real limestone patinas slightly and will need quite a bit of extra upkeep. It often appears in whites and neutrals and is very versatile.


As previously mentioned, there are options for imitated limestone that you can choose from as well. This will help you avoid the natural patina that limestone will eventually develop no matter how well you clean it. Manufacturers are careful to create dense, non-absorbent, through-color porcelain that will certainly fit your needs and still offer the same look but for a lower price point.

Join us next time to continue exploring the luxury of having vibrant stone flooring. We’ll discuss granite, the up-sides, down-sides and what aesthetic it will promote in your home.

Curious about limestone flooring near you? Or are you looking for assistance with the upkeep of your already installed limestone flooring? We’re excited to offer you wholesale prices on durable natural stone and hardwood flooring. Contact Texas Hardwood Flooring to find out more about your stone flooring options.

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