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There’s something super entertaining about pursuing trends and finding the proper flooring type for your upcoming home remodeling project. We’ve collected the best of the 2019 designer profile that’s perfect for both a truly Texas-inspired style and so much more. Check out our suggestions for wood flooring trends to follow below:

#1 Roughed-Up Wide Planks

Wide planks, if you haven’t seen them in action yet, are awesome. They provide for quite a bit of negative space and more individualistic wood species are allowed to show off their super unusual grain of wood and coloring. The next iteration of this fewer seams look is a distressed wood appeal. This is to recreate a more rustic, barn-like appeal that is very at-home in any Texas home from Dallas to Little Elm.

#2 Revived Pine

Reclaimed hardwood flooring is essentially pure styling gold right now. The pine that’s surfacing with its nearly green tint in the grain and historical relevance is beautiful. The reclaimed wood trend is both eco-friendly and provides a guarantee that your hardwood flooring won’t just be unique it’ll have a story behind it. In fact, some mills actually tell you the historical relevance of the building they salvaged it from. Really, it’s more than luxury rustic, it’s tasteful, green and rich with human experience.

#3 Maple Anything

Maple is essentially one of the warmest, most colorful and vibrant wood species you can use in flooring. The most recent style has it displayed in neat planks with very few row seams, and most of the breaks in wood grain happening in columns instead. This helps create unity in a room and makes the eye follow along with each plank, rather than turning the flooring into a static aspect of the room, it’s now the main star of the show. We think it pairs well with modern looks because it will warm up cold aluminum and other metallics and neutrals with ease.

#4 Wenge or Ebony Colored Wood

Ebonizing a wood makes it look closer to black in color and makes the color essentially opaque. This easily modernizes any space and creates a look of delicious high contrast that can be turned down or turned up depending on your preference. Wenge is an African wood that’s super unique but is also very rare. You’ll have a better time accessing ebonized versions of cherry, oak and walnut if you’re really liking the look.

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