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As we all know, having hardwood flooring is an amazing privilege. It brings so much natural beauty and stunning dimension to any room that it’s remained desirable throughout the years. There’s even a variety of synthetic products that have been released in an effort to make the look more affordable for spaces that need it for commercial use. While it’s one of the hardiest flooring options around, there are a variety of pet peeves that can cause some serious damage to the integrity of your flooring and its defense against more sinister types of damage. In our previous blog, we talked about the dangers of water and your pet’s claws. In this blog, we’ll continue to explore things you should avoid in order to preserve your hardwood flooring’s look.

You’re Not Cleaning Your Flooring Enough

While your pet’s claws are certainly not great for keeping scratches and scuffs out of your flooring, the grime you’re leaving over the top of your hardwood might actually be worse. Start by establishing a “no shoes in the house” policy so you’re tracking in fewer larger kernels of grime (read chunkier dirty clods, pebbles and more) because it’s much more likely to rip up your flooring than smaller debris is. That being said, if you let small particles like sand, dust, and other types of grime collect on the floor, it’s much more likely that they’ll be able to accumulate and act as an ever-lasting sanding session for your flooring. It’ll grind away the sealant over the top very quickly and get between the floorboards. This brings you closer to the next needed sanding and refinishing and your flooring likely only has around 4–5 of those in it before it gets too thin and you just have to replace the whole floor. If you have engineered wood flooring, you never want much grime to gather at all because you won’t be able to buff away those scratches and uneven portions of it with a sander and refinishing service because you’ll only sand the flooring’s veneer away until you’re down to the plywood beneath.

You Need More Rugs

Other than the fact that rugs give a room a plush, more comforting and close feeling, they also add a pop of color, can tie together themes around the room and are generally just wonderful, there’s also the fact that they protect your wood flooring from all of the things we’ve talked about that can damage your flooring. Rugs can put a stop to damage to your flooring in high-traffic areas, all by simply being there and offering a standing surface for those folks wearing hard heels, or they can offer people a place to pop off their shoes at the front door. The pup can curl up on that and leave their nails off the flooring. If something wet spills on the rug, instead of scrambling to get the spill wiped up quickly, you can simply swipe the rug up and off the floor, wash it, let it dry and return it to its rightful place. They’re the perfect shield, and if you don’t have more of them, invest in them now.

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