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Hardwood flooring is a species with very few natural enemies. It’ll stand up to hundreds of years of abuse, and so time is hardly an aspect of what makes your hardwood flooring tick. On average, you’ll only find a hardwood flooring in need of a real refinishing at least ten years after the initial installation. But one spector looms as a constant threat to hardwood floors everywhere: moisture. As such, you can hardly use water to safely clean your hardwood flooring. So, what should you be using? We’ll break it down for you.

Method Floor Cleaner

If you’ve taken a jaunt through the recommended cleaning substances in women’s magazines recently, you’ll see the Method brand plastered all over them like it’s the best thing on the market since Dyson’s last big vacuum cleaner release. They feature whimsical packaging, which we’re sure helps, since they’re possibly the only cleaning brand really trying to appeal to their target market and it provides a great scent that is, apparently, much preferred when compared to other cleaning scents (read: bleach). Best of all? It’s biodegradable and cleans the wood wonderfully without being abrasive. However, it should be noted that’s a bit on the pricier side and unless you use the project on a regular basis, you likely won’t see any visual difference in your flooring after you’ve given it a proper scrubbing.

Murphy Oil Soap

It’s everyone’s go-to for wood cleaning, but it might not deserve such a proud title. If you have wood flooring, it’s pretty necessary to at least have a bottle lying around; it’s mostly good just for waxy build-up. It’ll strip that off the floor fairly well, and the product is really easy to find — your local grocery store might even carry it, it’s so popular — but it hardly provides the sparkle that most people want after they’ve mopped an entire floor. Sure, you’ll be certain the floor is, strictly speaking, clean enough, but it’s not what we’d claim as a “great cleaner.” Since Murphy Oil Soap actually consists of mostly vegetable oil, it has actually been known to cause waxy-looking build up on some species of wood flooring. However, it’s inexpensive, easily located and won’t ever really harm your flooring, though it doesn’t smell very fresh and has an oily consistency.

Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner

This is the flooring cleaner that we’d label as “professional.” It’s not DIY, it’s hard to find at times (although there’s always Amazon), and most of the professionals we know think it’s a stand-up product. It’s especially perfect for newly installed hardwood flooring as it won’t dull your wood at all. It certainly provides that “just-cleaned” look that many crave. As an added bonus, it’s non-toxic so we like to think this is the best option for folks with curious pets that might try and taste the floor.

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