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With Christmas less than 48 hours away, its likely that you are seeing the end of the year creeping up a little too quickly itself; which means that 2016 is just around the figurative corner. For those considering refreshing their home with a remodel for the new year, new flooring may be a major part of that renovation. At least its one that is relatively simple in scope for the impact it delivers. But because a new floor should last for years, even decades, simply making a off-the-cuff choice can leave you feeling disappointed in your new floor, in the long run. And a disappointing floor is a waste of money. With today’s choices in colors, materials and textures being more inclusive than ever before, choosing a flooring that is right for you, but is also what future homeowners may be looking for is becoming more important. Here are the hottest flooring choices that are expected to get only more popular through the new year:

  • Bamboo – Though not a new flooring material choice, the ever-expanding lines of colors and styles is bringing much-deserved attention to bamboo flooring. Being environmentally friendly, today’s bamboo is stronger than previous options and is available in both traditional strand-like styles and those that look more like classic hardwoods. It should not, however, be installed in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or kitchens.
  • “Reclaimed” wood – Where using salvaged lumber can be an arduous and expensive process, technology has made it possible for homeowner’s to enjoy the look of reclaimed wood without the trouble and issues. Factory-finished wood that resembles hand-scraped and seasoned wood delivers the classic looks that are so popular these days; at a much lower cost.
  • Large format tile – Tile is making a big comeback. And we do mean big. Tiles that come in 12″ x 24″ sizes or bigger are more sought after for residential use than ever before. Varying shapes, colors and patterns are making the choice of tile flooring a more fun and creative one for almost anybody.
  • Cork – When most of us hear the word cork, it either brings to mind, memo boards or wine bottles. It’s not often that people think of flooring. We think its high time that’s changed. Cork floors are some of the most resilient, soft and attractive flooring choices available today. Incredibly warm to the touch, cork also adds insulating and acoustic qualities that most other flooring lacks. And it’s supremely environmentally-friendly as harvesting cork simply means stripping the bark from its tree, leaving the plant in place.
  • American Hardwoods – Hardwood floor continues to be a hot trend in residential flooring and shows no sign of giving up its title of Most Popular. Because of its rich warmth and plethora of styles, colors and materials, a hardwood floor will stay at the top of most homeowner’s and designers wish lists for a very long time.

Look for Dallas’ Top-Rated Local® flooring installation experts to help guide you to the perfect flooring for your needs, lifestyle and use. We have been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 50 years and look forward to using our experience and knowledge to help you too. Call us at 469=570-6030 to schedule your free estimate and enjoy 20% installation now.

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