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Just had a new hardwood floor installed in your Dallas home? Are you still dazzled by your own ten-year-old hardwood flooring that provides that satisfying little click under your heels and makes all of your furniture look way more classy than carpet would? We’re sure you do. And what’s more, we’re here to show you how to take proper care of those floors so that in a hundred years, someone will be salvaging them out of your house and using them in their floors, like they’re doing with Brooklyn naval yard wood now. Make your wood last with these awesome tips:

#1 Ditch The Shoes

We’re not just talking about your blue suede loafers, we’re talking about all of your shoes. Leave them at the door if you care about keeping your wood sharp for years. There’s nothing like a stiletto heel coated in little specks of dirt that can grind through the protective layer of coating on your wood flooring, so invest in a shoe mat and put it near the front door. It’ll corral the grime and the dangerously pointy heels so they can’t damage your flooring.

#2 Dry First, Wet Second

If you can remember that and keep it up, your wood flooring will certainly stand the test of time. Dry tacking first is the best way to keep dirt from getting rubbed around and ground into your floors with a mop of Swiffer Sweeper. If you don’t clean all that up before running your new bottle of floor cleaner over the floor, you’ll essentially be sanding the finishing of the flooring away. Your wood flooring can always be refinished. But we’d fancy that you’d rather just keep it the way it is for the next couple of years.

#3 Color Check

On a monthly basis, look around for discoloration. Use that rug we suggest you buy to get a peek at the proper color so that you can determine if it’s time for the new top coat or not. Refinishing your hardwood flooring shouldn’t be a thing you do very often, but getting used to the new color of your hardwood flooring will probably help you live with it a bit longer.

Thinking Of Refinishing Your Hardwood in Dallas?

If you’re noticing more knicks and scratches in your wood flooring than the grain itself offers, it might be time to get your flooring refinished. Additionally, if you’re hoping to keep up with the times and get a newer, edgier color for wood flooring that already exists we can help with that too. Update your maple to a cool grey to match your new ultra-modern furniture and make your flooring look brand new. Reach out to Texas Hardwood Flooring today.

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