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If you’re readying yourself and your home for the next upgrade —a fresh hardwood floor— you probably have already pictured what it will ideally look like. You’ve imagined, the slim, clean lines of the wood, laid seamlessly along the floor. You’ve pictured the unique grain and how you’ll pair the coloring to that vintage chaise lounge from your grandmother and how it will look with the curtains and your newly painted baseboards. In short, you have high expectations for what this flooring upgrade will look like and how it will bring the aesthetic of your home together. Don’t let a shoddy flooring contractor outfit ruin your reclaimed hardwood flooring that’s been acclimating and taking up a huge amount of space in your living room. Find the perfect flooring contractor for you that can fulfill all of your expectations and potentially exceed them with our tips to help you find the best hardwood flooring installation company near you.

Start With Store Contact Lists

If you’re purchasing your flooring independently because of your desire for exotic wood flooring or reclaimed wood flooring, it never hurts to inquire at the front desk about who they recommend for flooring contractors. These installers are usually totally independent of the store. We consider this a pretty solid way of finding a flooring contractor because it’s in the store’s best interest to help you find a hardwood flooring installation crew that’s actually good. If they don’t, customers might chalk up the final look of the flooring, and their potential dissatisfaction with the product, rather than how it was installed.

Crowd Source a Recommendation

When in doubt, ask your friends. Whether it’s your neighbors or your wife’s coworker who hosted the dinner party last month, ask them their opinion. This is an especially good tactic if they have a hardwood flooring set-up that you’re fond of. Homeowners are usually pretty picky about their installation and if they have any idea of what they’re looking at, they’ll be able to spot the problems in an installation job and tell you if the flooring contractor is worth your time. For example, they’ll let you know if the contractors respect the property or if they waste lengths of flooring boards.

Online Searches

Online searches let you get an immediate sense of the testimonials the establishment is receiving, how much of an expert they are on the subject from their website, and how much they care about their presentation to the customer, i.e. if they have the aesthetic capability to form a beautiful floor for you.

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