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Sure, dry cleaning and wet cleaning in a nice order, investing in a rug, these are all basic suggestions to keep your hardwood flooring doing well seems pretty self-explanatory. But where are all the rather secret hardwood care techniques that the pros use on their hardwood flooring to keep them looking sharp and glossy? Don’t fret, we’ll let you in on the best ways to keep your newly refinished or freshly laid hardwood flooring looking dazzling for years to come.

#1 Guard Against UV

The best way to protect your flooring besides, obviously, avoiding sanding away your top coat with your scruffy boots, is protecting them from the sun. If the sun’s rays can cause cancer in humans, what do you think UV rays do to other organic material like your hardwood flooring? The answer is they strip it of moisture and accelerate its decay. Obviously, weathering from the sun is a long, drawn-out experience, but it still happens over a period of years and diminishing the effects of the sun is often the best you can do to make your floor last longer. Try UV blocking window coating that’s colorless to start and, if you’re willing, invest in some shades with UV blocking as well. It’ll significantly diminish the issue.

#2 Be Liberal With Polish

Every two to three months, break out the polish. If you had your hardwood flooring installed by Texas Hardwood Flooring, it has a polyurethane surface finish. When your floor gets scratched, it’s not the wood itself that’s getting torn up (usually), its that top coat.Polishing periodically with a buffing pad can restore the shine and fill in some of those smaller scrapes and scratches;it can even buff away entire scratches and make the look of the flooring entirely more uniform with ease.

#3 Trim Pet Nails and Refinish

You know what’s worse for your flooring than stiletto heels and tap shoes? Dog and cat claws. Pet paws can easily scratch and rip into your flooring, but if you’re pretty decent about blunting and trimming those nails, you’re already ahead of the game. Making sure that Fluffy isn’t dragging in any grime from the outdoors will do wonders for keeping permanent scratches out of the floor. In addition to that, it’s wise to refinish your hardwood flooring every four to three years if you’re hoping to maintain that brand-new look for a long time. Contact Taxes Hardwood Flooring for your Dallas or Fort Worth home refinishing project today.

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