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If you’re shopping through some interior design magazines and you find yourself absolutely distracted by the sheer stunning beauty of those hardwood flooring, we have good news: You don’t have to say “I don’t know,” when folks ask what you want for Christmas. Cause this year, you do know; you want a new set of hardwood floors and all those folks asking you what trinket you need this year, well, they can pitch in. Let’s explore the trends even further than we did in our last entry to find out what flooring you really need this year.

In-Style Finishes

Where high gloss was once the style—presumably a leftover trend from the Edwardian and Victorian eras when people went to balls with glossy wood floors to sweep across in coupled dance steps— those days are over. Now, more subdued finishes make a different sort of statement. Flat finishes allow the grain and individuality of each plank to stand out above the color, thus your flooring becomes so much more than just a collection of planks, it’s the  impression of each different portion of the tree it originated from. That individualistic character is sought after and appreciated now, thus you’ll want satin, matte or oil finishes to bring out the colors in the wood and the unique textures of each plank.

It’s All About Patterns

One thing that has made a comeback from the Victorian and earlier eras is patterned wood flooring. While we don’t, necessarily, recommend including a depiction of a head of a lion with your floorboards in the center of your entryway, we do recommend getting fancy with the design. Parquet flooring made its debut in 1684 because it was high-end looking and much easier to wash than its marble counterparts. It first only appeared in palaces and it’s kept its royal association, at least to some extent. For a period of time, it went rather out of style as folks started favoring cleaner, less complicated lines. But you don’t have to give up simplistic design to enjoy parquet or any pattern in your wood flooring. The newest variation of the patterned wood flooring trend is diagonal planks and it is exactly as sharp as you would think it looks. A little bit of a safer version of patterned wood flooring includes mixed width planks and even unusually large planks that can look just as chic as parquet or diagonal patterns but in a different style.

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